snowy field black and white

June 2020

Bumble in Forget-me-nots

     June arrives and the garden is coming back to life. At the moment, for the human population, coronavirus is still deeply impacting our lives in every way imaginable. 

      Civil unrest is now part of this surreal and unsettling and scary time. Peaceful protests in the United States erupt into something else entirely, night after night.   Like a perfect storm, people are reaching a collective breaking point. There is such a focus on the negative, it is impossible to foresee how we will emerge from this time in our history. Will we be better people? Will we be worse? I have no clue.

     Life is different now. We're all making adjustments. We thank those on the front lines and those working diligently to keep us fed and safely sheltered.  We keep hope alive. 

                                      Kim Talon                                                     

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