Kim Talon - Talon
White blossoms

May 2019

Mallard ducklings with mother

     May has been slow to show off this year. Usually she paints the world rapidly with a colorful canvas and gardens erupt with blooms in shades of orange, red, purple and yellow. The trees are painted in chartreuse as leafs unfurl on deciduous trees and the ever present evergreen trees deepen into rich greens. This year she is taking her time, wielding her brush gently and slowly. And that's okay. Eventually, the canvas will be complete.

     May is a pretty month. Nothing is finer than seeing the blossom trees in all their frippery, bumble bees buzzing happily about their delicate blooms. I look forward to that each year.

     Another beautiful sight in May is nature's bounty of babies...ducklings, goslings, birds of all descriptions, nesting and tweeting and busily taking care of their little families. Heartwarming. Hopeful. Spring.                         

                    Kim Talon


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