Kim Talon - Talon
Snowy orchard

November 2018

     October was a washout this year. Instead of seeing gorgeous October blue skies, we were treated to a month of surly skies and endless showers. Leaves were stripped from trees by the bossy winds and suddenly everyone is ready for a new month and (hopefully!) a new forecast.

     But November has come in with the same sullen attitude as October. November is traditionally a wet and cold month. The optimist in me was hoping maybe October and November swapped out...but not so far. But I will remain optimistic and hope that today's sodden skies are just an aberration and soon the sun will shine on the last of the fall color that clings to the trees and we'll have that glorious Ontario autumn yet!                                                   

                                           Kim Talon


PS: The above photo was taken on a previous October day when Mother Nature was in a sunny mood!




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