Kim Talon - Talon
Snowy orchard

December 2018

     The last month of 2018 has arrived. And in this festive month, I hope Mother Nature has tucked in some sunny days. We haven't had any clear skies here in literally 2 months. Persistent cloud cover and unseasonable temps and early darkness have everyone feeling more like they're in month 2 of winter which doesn't even officially begin for a few weeks. 

     If there is one gift I would like for Christmas, it would be a week of sunshine. An instant mood elevator, you truly miss it when it's absent. But with all the concerns, issues and worries around the world, sunshine is probably -- make that definitely! -- the least important.

     I wish everyone a beautiful holiday season spent with family and friends and filled with joy and laughter and a little wonder, too.

                                                                                                       Kim Talon


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