Kim Talon - Talon
White blossoms

August 2019

    In the last week of July, I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. In October, Charlie would have been sixteen years old. Since she was a pup of 8 weeks, until her passing, she was my constant companion, confidant and clown. I've had the privilege of having dogs in my life since I was seven years old. Each has unique gifts to share and  Charlie's best gifts were her joy and sense of humor. I miss her terribly and always will. Dogs, in their unselfish love and willingness to give their best every day, have taught me so much. One thing they have taught me is to not take time for granted. Our time here on this earth is limited and is meant to be enjoyed, explored and enriching. Thank you, Charlie girl. I love you!

                                         Kim Talon


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